• used mini buses

    Should you Purchase Used Mini Buses?

    Partially self-organised, minibuses form the bulk of urban transportation in many cities, moving millions between towns, settlements and towns. The classic used mini buses are designed for nine passengers. Most are derived from commercial vehicles built as small transporters with loading surfaces instead of reactors meant for commercial use. Minibuses are not only built to accommodate three seat rows for at least nine passengers but also come equipped with a comfortable interior and improved driving characteristics. Dimension and Capacity of Mini Buses A minibus is a combined version of a small carrier with unique lengths. Used MPVs come with a 5m length to accommodate about 16 passengers. Large minibuses can…

  • personalised dart flights

    Why the Shape of a Dart Flight Matters?

    The shape of your dart flight plays a major role in how the dart flies. Therefore, it is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing darts. But there are way too many shapes available for you to choose from and it does not stop there. You can also buy personalised dart flights. Personalisation is typically possible on all flight shapes to add a touch of fun element. This means with so many options at your disposal it can cause major confusion.  Therefore, here is a list of most common dart flight shapes: Standard dart flights This type of dart flight is the most common and popular. This…

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    Save money when you’re visiting Holland

    Are you planning on visiting the Netherlands? Do you want to save money when you get there? Look no further, you have arrived at the right place! We will give you several money saving tips, so you won’t have to spend an access of money. For example, it is recommended to rent a car when you are traveling with more people. Public transport in the Netherlands can be quite costly. When everyone has to pay for an individual travel ticket, the costs will be higher than if you would share a car renting fee (and gas money). Do you want to know more about how to save money when visiting…

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    How to make your own fresh pizza

    Are you also a big fan of pizza? Are you often found in an Italian restaurant eating a nice, fresh pizza? Then you may be wondering if it’s possible to make such great pizzas at home! The most Italian restaurants have their own top chefs, but with some practice you can be your own Italian top chef. In this article you will read all about how to make your own fresh pizza at home! The dough: don’t be too hard on yourself If you want to make a delicious fresh pizza, the dough is your starting point. It’s also the most difficult part of making your own pizza. But hey,…

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    Looking for a steel finishing machine?

    Are you looking for a steel finishing machine? At Q-fin you are at the right place. We developed a deburring machine for perfect steel finishing: the F1200. This is an innovative deburring machine that finishes sheet components up to a width of 1200 mm. Our deburring machine is five times faster than similar machines from other brands. A perfect solution for steel finishing Our machine for steel finishing is available in two variants: with a magnet support or a vacuum support. This machine is the perfect solution for steel finishing processes with aluminium, stainless steel and synthetics. Our machine removes all the burrs from steel, even the ones you can’t…