Are you looking for a steel finishing machine? At Q-fin you are at the right place. We developed a deburring machine for perfect steel finishing: the F1200. This is an innovative deburring machine that finishes sheet components up to a width of 1200 mm. Our deburring machine is five times faster than similar machines from other brands.

A perfect solution for steel finishing

Our machine for steel finishing is available in two variants: with a magnet support or a vacuum support. This machine is the perfect solution for steel finishing processes with aluminium, stainless steel and synthetics. Our machine removes all the burrs from steel, even the ones you can’t see. The result is smooth, round-edged steel from a perfect quality.

Better and shinier products

Investing in our steel finishing machine will lead to a positive change. Your equipment and steel can not be damage by burrs anymore. No burrs will lead automatically to an effective and faster production process. And the best: your products will look more better and shinier. Do you want to know more about our steel finishing machine? Than take a look at our website or contact us by phone of e-mail.