Vickers hardness tester

A Vickers hardness tester is used to determine the hardness of a substance. Measuring hardness is important since it investigates the ability of a substance to withstand plastic deformation from a source that is standard for all testing. The Vickers test is easier to use and has the widest scales as compared to other tests. This is because it works perfectly no matter the size of the indenter. The indenter is versatile for all materials regardless of their hardness. The test gives measurements in terms of Vickers Pyramid Number (HV) or the Diamond Pyramid Hardness (DPH). The units of hardness can also be converted to pascals. It has a square-based pyramid diamond that has high resistance of deformation and works as its indenter and produces accurate measurements.

Vickers hardness tester

Importance of the test

A Vickers hardness tester has proved to be very important for the evaluation of the quality of industrial materials. In the manufacturing process, it is important that the goods produced be of high quality. This test ensures the research, development, and manufacturing process are adequately evaluated and controlled to produce goods that are of high quality. Though to many, the hardness of a material is empirical, it is very important to test metals. Hardness can be used to gauge the tensile strength, wear-resistance, and ductility of the metal. The test is mostly used in the aerospace and automotive industry to ensure the best quality. It is also used in laboratories for common and advanced tests and also evaluation of samples to be tested.

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