personalised dart flights

The shape of your dart flight plays a major role in how the dart flies. Therefore, it is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing darts. But there are way too many shapes available for you to choose from and it does not stop there. You can also buy personalised dart flights. Personalisation is typically possible on all flight shapes to add a touch of fun element. This means with so many options at your disposal it can cause major confusion. 

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Therefore, here is a list of most common dart flight shapes:

  1. Standard dart flights

This type of dart flight is the most common and popular. This is because it works well for most kinds of players whether they are beginners or experts. It offers longer flight time and quality trajectory and is ideal for heavier darts.

  1. Kite dart flights

The kite dart flights look similar to flattened spearheads. This shape makes it shorter by length but provides much surface area. It is an ideal solution for people who wish to have a higher level of control yet enjoy a bit of extra lift.

  1. Pear dart flights

The pear dart flights are very much similar to kite dart flights except its edges are rounded and is much faster. It is highly preferred for its clear and distinct parabola during its flight towards the target or dartboard.

  1. Slim dart flights

This is probably the second most popular dart flight after standard dart flights. Slim dart flights are slim and elongated with a sharp taper towards the base of the shaft. These dart flights are the solution for people who prefer darts that are lighter in weight.

  1. Vortex dart flights

Visually a vortex dart flight looks like a teardrop with a shallow wedge cut out almost like a traditional arrow fletching. They are great if you like slow and controlled throws.

After you have decided which flight suits your needs you can always get them personalised for a unique touch.